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MY CLOCK SHOP, located in Sandwich, Massachusetts is owned and operated by Charles Mazzone who has been repairing and restoring clocks over the course of the last twenty years. Charles is not only passionate about clocks, he believes that customer service means making the repair of your clock an enjoyable experience. Our website helps us fulfill this mission by providing information that will assist you if you are considering having your clock repaired. Charles provides us with some thoughts about the significance of clocks in our lives:

“Perhaps it will sound somewhat sentimental, but when I hold an old clock in my hands I imagine how many different lives were affected by its timekeeping over the years. I think of the history that has transpired during the course of the clock’s life and what the clock’s owners’ lives must have been like as they lived through the events of so long ago.”

“The approach I take when repairing or restoring old clocks is founded upon a notion of responsibility—a responsibility to preserve the past, to provide enjoyment in the present and to ensure that the clock will continue to faithfully measure the passage of time in the future.”

“Clocks stand out as being unique in our lives, different than all of our personal possessions. While the clocks we own may not be our oldest possession, they are likely to be the only mechanical device we have that continues to operate and provide faithful service to us in their capacity as ‘keepers of the time.’ Despite the fact that many of the clocks in operation today are older than most of the people who own them, they continue to occupy a place in our homes and offices not only for practical reasons, but for sentimental ones as well. Perhaps your clock was owned by your grandparents or even great-grandparents; or, even though your clock isn’t original to your family, you purchased it because it’s identical to a clock that your family once owned which serves to bring back fond memories of your childhood. Either way, the methodical tick-tick, striking and chiming of antique, vintage and even modern clocks can provide us with a bridge to the past, comfort in the present and assurances that memories will prevail in the future. Decades beyond the obsolescence of most other mechanical devices that we have owned, our clocks can continue to occupy a place in our lives, our hearts and memories.”

We’d like to thank you for considering having your clock repaired by MY CLOCK SHOP. We invite you to learn more about MY CLOCK SHOP by exploring our website.

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